The Vanishing Libraries

I can’t help but notice that libraries are slowly disappearing. I’m not referring to this change of generation. Blaming youngsters for not having respect for books or reading them would be confusing cause and effect. The fact that people read less and less is not the reason why books and libraries are not appreciated but … More The Vanishing Libraries

On Collecting – Earning profit without selling

Today we will be talking about the financial aspects of collecting antiques. In our future articles we will be talking how trade works from the seller’s point of view but for now we will talk how it works from the other side of the table. It’s possible to make some profit from antiques without selling them on. … More On Collecting – Earning profit without selling

History of Photography – World in Colors

During the late 50’s of 19th century, photography has continued its steady development. More and more people took interest in making the art of image capturing better and more specialized. Development of photography has spread across Europe and occupied the minds of physicians, chemists and doctors. In the year of 1861 Scottish scientist in the … More History of Photography – World in Colors