The Vanishing Libraries

I can’t help but notice that libraries are slowly disappearing. I’m not referring to this change of generation. Blaming youngsters for not having respect for books or reading them would be confusing cause and effect. The fact that people read less and less is not the reason why books and libraries are not appreciated but … More The Vanishing Libraries

18th century Serbian books – Struggle for independence

After dark and painful 17th century for Serbian culture and printing, certain kind of renaissance came in 18th century, when Serbian books gained a new market in the Habsburg Empire, where then majority of Serbian people had lived. However, local authorities didn’t want to allow establishment of Serbian printing house and they were refusing persistently … More 18th century Serbian books – Struggle for independence

On Collecting – Earning profit without selling

Today we will be talking about the financial aspects of collecting antiques. In our future articles we will be talking how trade works from the seller’s point of view but for now we will talk how it works from the other side of the table. It’s possible to make some profit from antiques without selling them on. … More On Collecting – Earning profit without selling

The Forbidden Books

As a natural course of events, after the beginning of mass printing and the Gutenberg revolution, a need to regulate the contents of the books has arisen. Even though the percentage of literate populace at the time was very low, ideas were dangerous nonetheless. Some form of censorship was constantly present in human society, and now we … More The Forbidden Books